KTC – Vision for the Future

The following paragraphs provide a description of what KTC could look like in the year 2015. It describes the vision of what we would like to achieve. It provides a target (or at least a general direction) upon which we can build goals, objectives, and a strategic plan. The vision is based upon the measures of success that were identified in KTC’s facilitated sessions on November 5 and 11, 2009.


Customer Satisfaction and Customer Relationships

The Kentucky Transportation Center has developed and implemented tools for measuring our customers’ perceptions regarding the quality and value of the products and services we provide. These tools are consistently utilized for all projects, regardless of who the client is. Feedback provided by these tools is scrutinized on a regular basis to identify improvements that can be made in policies and/or procedures. Customer satisfaction is a key performance indicator for all KTC employees. Specifically, feedback from KTC’s customer satisfaction tools is used in evaluating the performance of researchers, technology transfer professionals, and program managers, and it provides an important tool in identifying areas where improvement is needed.

Feedback from all customers is consistently positive. Whenever shortcomings are noted, solutions are immediately developed and implemented. Customers are provided with follow-up communications to let them know what actions were taken in response to their feedback.

KTC maintains an extremely positive relationship with all clients, highlighted by a close, strong, and unique relationship with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC). KYTC regards KTC as its research and training arm, a reliable and trusted partner, a valued resource, and a source of visionary and progressive thought. KTC’s relationship with KYTC is characterized by close cooperation and open and honest communications. Personnel at all levels of KYTC consistently look to KTC to provide essential information, beneficial research, and effective workforce development.

Research Excellence / National Prominence

The Kentucky Transportation Center enjoys a strong national reputation in selected, high-priority areas of research and technology transfer. KTC researchers are widely known for their subject matter expertise, group facilitation skills, effective communications, and project management skills. KTC’s technology transfer professionals are nationally recognized for excellence in information delivery and workforce development. This reputation is reflected in strong name recognition (both for KTC and for individual researchers/professionals) at all applicable national and regional meetings and conferences. KTC researchers/professionals are routinely published in peer-reviewed publications and are frequently invited to speak at national meetings and conferences. KTC research is frequently cited by other researchers, and KTC researchers/professionals serve on key national and regional committees and panels. KTC is frequently sought out as a partner by other universities and by both public-sector and private-sector organizations.

Size of Program and Diversity of Funding Sources

The size of KTC’s research and technology transfer program has grown substantially over the past five years, primarily due to the identification and cultivation of new funding sources (federal, state, local, and private-sector) and the growth of non-SPR[1] funding. The Center has strategically targeted areas of research and technology transfer that are important to KYTC and to the nation. KYTC receives substantial benefits from having direct access to KTC’s research results and technology transfer resources. The SPR program remains strong and vital.

Work Environment / Employee Satisfaction

KTC is a rewarding and enjoyable place to work. Employee retention is high, as is employee morale. KTC provides opportunities and support for all employees to continue learning and to grow professionally throughout their careers. Exceptional employee performance is recognized and rewarded. Employees with performance deficiencies receive constructive feedback, coaching, and follow-up. Employees are highly motivated and highly productive. Co-workers treat each other with courtesy and respect. The workforce includes a strong and increasing presence of minorities and women.[2]

Implementation and Value of Research

Tools and processes have been put in place to promote, facilitate, and track the implementation of research results. Implementation is a priority for KTC and is accomplished through a team effort, involving practitioners, researchers, and technology transfer professionals. Implementation is considered from the earliest stages of each research project. The benefits resulting from the implementation of research findings are well-documented and well-disseminated. This information is used to promote the value of transportation research and technology transfer programs both within Kentucky and nationally.

[1] SPR is the State Planning and Research Program, which provides the “core” of KTC’s research.

[2] Truly achieving this goal may require a longer timeframe than five years, but progress can be made toward achieving it.