KTC Presents at the 2017 Partnering Conference in Louisville

ADA Compliant Sidewalks

All State DOTs must guarantee that pedestrian facilities are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). To meet the ADA requirement of providing public facility access to individuals with disabilities, KTC is developing a process to inventory sidewalks and curb ramps across the state. This is part of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s (KYTC) ADA transition plan, where facilities that are not ADA compliant must be identified. Jeff Jasper will present ADA Compliant Sidewalks with Anthony Norman of KYTC on Wednesday August 16th from 10.00-10:40 am and from 3:00pm-3:40pm.  

Is My Project On Schedule?

Mr. Jasper will also present a session that asks Is My Project on Schedule? on Wednesday August 16th from 10:50-11:30 am and from 3:50pm-4:30pm. From initial conception to letting, highway design projects typically span several years. Over that period, subject-matter experts from multiple disciplinary backgrounds participate in project development, but a detailed schedule is not usually provided by consultants involved with the project. Coordinating stakeholder activities poses challenges for even experienced project managers. KYTC and the Kentucky Transportation Center have developed critical path method (CPM) schedules for KYTC Project Managers. The presentation will include process flowcharts and Gantt chart templates to assist pre-construction project managers with organizing, sequencing, and scheduling project development activities. More information plus files for Critical Path are available below on this page.

KYTC Utility Coordination Training Overview

The co‐location of utilities within and near road and highway right‐of‐ways presents challenges to KYTC.  Roy Sturgill and Dr. Tim Taylor will present methods to improve the efficiency of utility relocations, which would help reduce negative project performance impacts or delayed project start dates. They will address Kentucky-specific legislation and regulations regarding utility coordination in highway projects. This session will cater to multiple stakeholder groups including utility coordinators, designers and project managers, consultants, utility companies, and construction and permits staff. KYTC Utility Coordination Training Overview takes place on Wednesday, August 16th from 10-10:40 am and from 3:00-3:40 pm.


Critical Path Project Templates

Rural Federal Bridge Replacement CE1 files


Urban Federal Bridge Replacement with Railroads CE1 files



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