CatStrong carbon fiber products were developed to strengthen, upgrade, and retrofit concrete structural members such as beams, columns, pier caps, and walls. The advantage of CatStrong is ease of application, requiring only a single worker without the need of heavy construction equipment or tools.

Although high performance materials are higher in cost, compared to other retrofit measures, CatStrong products reduce overall structure repair costs. In some cases, applying the materials does not impact traffic.

Safety Circuit Rider

The Safety Circuit Rider for the Technology Transfer Program uses crash data to locate high incident sites along roadways and assist communities in finding low cost roadway safety improvements. The Safety Circuit Rider works with local governments to remove fixed objects such as trees, brush, stumps, etc. and to install signage per MUTCD guidelines. This FREE technical advice is helping communities across the state of Kentucky save lives every day.

The Safety Circuit Rider program is made possible through funding from the Federal Highway Administration – Kentucky (FHWA-KY) in coordination with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC).