Arlen Sandlin, PE, MBA

Research Engineer


Arlen Sandlin brings more than 25 years of experience in highway design, planning, and project management to KTC, where he works as a research engineer in the Special Projects and Initiatives program. Mr. Sandlin has experience with Context Sensitive Design for highways and bridges to minimize and/or mitigate human and environmental impacts and he has contributed to numerous projects ranging from small urban developments to major arterials and interstate highways. He has been involved with every phase of the highway design process, including preliminary planning studies, alignment studies, public involvement, field survey oversight, drainage design, geometric design, structure layout, maintenance of traffic, right-of-way plan development, utility avoidance and relocation design, and final plan development as both design engineer and project manager. Mr. Sandlin has pursued and completed design build projects with construction costs ranging from $60M to $2B. He also has expertise in airport design, from preliminary engineering for proposed new airport facilities to final design for runway and taxiway extensions, apron design, and site design for airport facilities. Before coming to KTC, he was responsible for the marketing, operations, and oversight of all Kentucky transportation projects for the businesses where he was employed. Mr. Sandlin holds a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering and a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Kentucky.