New Changes and Updates to Travel and Procard Usage

If you need further information about any of these changes please feel free to contact either Deborah Bastani or Clark Graves with your questions.

Procard Updates

  1. An approved Procard approval form is required before the purchase is made.
  2. The account PI must sign the PI or Supervisor line.
  3. The justification field must be filled out with an explanation of the research purpose/benefit to the grant.
  4. Please verify who the cardholder is.  Bastani is the cardholder for all Travel/registration-related purchases.

Changes to UK Travel Policies

Additional changes to UK Travel Policies have been made regarding Mileage Calculation, Trip Hours and per diem. Clark Graves has provided this Powerpoint on Travel/Procard Updates that describes those changes.

1. Mileage Calculation – MUST use mileage calculator within Concur

2. Trip Hours – MUST put in the appropriate hours for your trip, this is used to calculate per diem

3. 1st and last day per diem – 75% of daily rate

4. Day Travel per diem – 75% of daily rate if the trip is greater than 50 miles one way and 12 hrs in length

5. Comments Section – This section is VERY important to describe travel business purpose (some have been returned)

6. Approval Process – Traveler – Supervisor – Business Officer – Other if needed

7. Process for personal travel

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