Transportation Education Program Manager

Dr. Reginald Souleyrette

Transportation Undergraduate Education

The University of Kentucky Department of Civil Engineering, in conjunction with the Kentucky Transportation Center, offers a concentration in Transportation Engineering or Railroad Engineering for all Bachelor of Science candidates. Students are required to take 3 undergraduate electives, of which 2 must be design courses. The curriculum for the concentrations are summarized below: For more course information, see the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Handbook or visit The Department of Civil Engineering.

Interest Area Engineering Science Elective Math/Science Elective Structures Elective Technical Design Elective Technical Elective Supportive Elective
Transportation Engineering EM 313 GEO 409G CE 486G CE 531 or CE 533, CE 534 CE 433, CE 581, CE 539, or other design elective GEO 285 or GEO 305


Railroad Engineering CE 533 Railroad Facilities Design and Analysis CE 433 Railway Freight & Passenger Operations and Intermodal Transportation CE 599 Urban Mass Transit