The primary objective of the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) program is to integrate advanced technologies into the current system for greater efficiency and improved safety.  Our investigators determine possible uses for a broad range of technologies, including wireless and wire line communications, information technologies and various other electronic applications and equipment.  We are involved in the planning, implementation, management and evaluation of various types of ITS-related projects.

The program has enjoyed national prominence for more than 20 years and began with a substantial role in Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO) projects, particularly the Advantage I-75 Mainline Automated Clearance System.  In addition to CVO projects, we have conducted a variety of research projects for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and various state and federal transportation agencies as well as private companies.  Our research areas range from studies of virtual weigh station technology to traffic control procedures for emergency responders.

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Featured Project: Developing a Baseline for Customer Service in the Department of Vehicle Regulation 

The Department of Vehicle Regulation (DVR) administers the state’s motor vehicle licensing program as well as state and federal regulations related to commercial vehicles. DVR staff interact with the public more than any other department at KYTC, and additionally, they must work with Circuit Court Clerks, Kentucky State Police, state district and circuit courts, the motor carrier industry, and many other governmental agencies. Through surveys and identification of responsibilities, KTC will identify a baseline for the level of service provided to customers at the DVR. The findings will allow the Cabinet to continually monitor DVR customer service and apply the results throughout all areas of KYTC.

Intelligent Transportation Systems Faculty & Staff

Jennifer Walton

Program Manager


Brian Beaven

Research Associate


Joe Crabtree

257-4508Research Engineer


Brian Howell

Research Engineer


Jeeyen Koo

Senior Research Scientist


David Leddy

Research Associate

Andrew Martin

Senior Research Scientist


Matt Miles

Research Associate


Mei Chen

Associated Faculty

CE Professor


Additional Research