Emerging Vehicle Technologies

As electric vehicles are gaining popularity and most vehicles are now equipped with Advanced Assisted Driver Systems (ADAS) technologies, transportation networks must be prepared for connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) to travel over its roads, highways, and bridges. Researchers in the Emerging Vehicle Technologies program analyze the policy implications of electric vehicles (EVs) and CAVs and assist local and state governments with strategic planning and educational outreach. The program is helping the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) implement pilot projects and coordinate research that will enable Kentucky infrastructure to safely accommodate CAVs.  Research includes piloting low speed AV shuttles, establishing connected corridors, publishing a work zone data feed, and developing guidance for localities wanting to explore CAV initiatives.



Transformations in the automotive industry that once seemed distant have arrived. Electric vehicles are gaining popularity, while connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) are increasingly common. Every day, KYTC’s CAV Working Group engages the agency’s partners to develop and implement strategies that will ensure the state’s roads, highways, and bridges are CAV ready.

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Emerging Vehicle Technologies Faculty & Staff

Chris VanDyke

Program Manager