The Kentucky Transportation Center has a long history of providing workshops and training courses for professionals in consulting firms and state transportation agencies. The Center supports the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet by teaching Project Management Boot Camp (PMBC), an 8-day course on how a project is managed from design and construction to delivery and completion. KTC developed a condensed version, Bootcamp XPress, for consultants that work with the Cabinet. Consultant project managers are now required to attend this training before their firms can bid on Cabinet projects. The Center also developed a nationally recognized two-day course on Context-Sensitive Design/Solutions, delivering it on-site to 15 state DOTs; over 175 professionals have participated in limited-size courses offered on UK’s campus.  In addition, KTC’s Technology Transfer program offers many short courses for highway personnel employed at local agencies as part of its workforce training program.

KTC supports Civil Engineering graduate and undergraduate students by providing numerous transportation research opportunities. Emphasizing multidisciplinary research, the Center helps students and young professionals develop a broad set of skills that will benefit them as they enter the workforce or pursue graduate studies. KTC shares office and laboratory space with the Department of Civil Engineering, and many professors collaborate with KTC on research projects that deliver transportation solutions. The Transportation Education Program Manager is Dr. Reginald Souleyrette. He can be contacted at

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Featured Project: Identification of Bridges with Fracture-Prone Details

With the bridge inventory of the United States rapidly aging, and departments of transportation lacking the financial resources to replace these structures, it is critical to identify and implement novel bridge preservation strategies. KTC’s Bridge Preservation research group works on questions related to the techniques and materials used to repair, reinforce, and preserve the structural elements of bridges. They have worked on numerous projects for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP), and the Federal Highway Administration. Key research topics include the effectiveness of protective coatings for concrete and steel, spot painting techniques, remediating chloride damage on steel bridges, the use of nondestructive technologies to inspect bridges, and holistic bridge maintenance and preservation strategies to prolong service lives.

Research in Progress

  • Inspection Training Course on Bridge Preventive Maintenance
  • Spot, Zone, and Overcoat Painting of Steel Bridges
  • Steel Bridge Coating Inventory 2021

Education, Planning & Decision Analytics Faculty & Staff

Reg Souleyrette

Program Manager