Complex infrastructure projects require the coordination of many stakeholders throughout their development and implementation. Thoughtful planning is necessary to deliver projects that meet the needs and goals of transportation agencies, diverse system users, and the industries that rely on networks of highways, waterways, railways, and airports. KTC’s Planning program leverages interdisciplinary perspectives to strengthen the planning processes used by local, state, and federal transportation agencies. They address issues pertaining to highway and railroad operations and infrastructure, traffic monitoring and modeling, safety planning, and asset management. Researchers have worked extensively on issues pertaining to highway information systems (GIS, LiDAR, remote sensing, Big Data), highway and railroad operations, traffic monitoring and modeling, safety planning, asset management and performance assessment. KTC collaborated with KYTC to develop the Kentucky Strategic Highway Safety Plan and assisted on the SHIFT project – a study of how implementing performance measures can inform the allocation of highway project funds.

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Civil Engineering Education at UK

KTC supports and shares office and laboratory space with UK’s Department of Civil Engineering.  Many CE professors collaborate with KTC on research projects, allowing students to be included in transportation research. In addition to serving as program manager of KTC’s Planning group, Dr. Reginald Souleyrette acts as a liaison to Civil Engineering. Visit here for more information on Civil Engineering at UK and training opportunities at KTC.

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