Historically, commercial motor vehicle (CMV) – related projects have been run through the ITS program, but to handle the recent growth in research opportunities, the Commercial Vehicle Technology and Policy Program was established. Researchers support Kentucky’s Innovative Technology Deployment (ITD) program for CMVs and facilitate strategic planning for CMV-focused organizations. Research topics range from studies of virtual weigh station technology and assessments CMV data quality to investigations of vehicle and driver regulation policies.


Featured Project: Investigation of Illegal Weigh Station Bypassing

Commercial vehicles (CMVs) that use mainline screening services such as PrePass or Drivewyze are eligible to bypass screening at Kentucky weigh stations. However, there has been a significant increase in the number of CMVs illegally bypassing weigh stations. Some vehicles pull into the weigh station only to disregard signs directing them to stop and park for inspection. This study focused on the scope and significance of the bypass problem to find out what safety or tax issues commonly exist with commercial vehicles that are illegally bypassing. Based on data collection of illegal bypasses at several weigh stations, researchers projected a statewide illegal bypass rate of 275,548 trucks per year on average. Several recommendations were made that could address this problem: improve signage leading up to weigh stations, increase cameras and technology usage at weigh stations, place an officer at every permanent weigh station, and increase the penalty for illegally bypassing, among others. 


  • ITD & PRISM Administrative and Technical Program Support
  • ITD & PRISM Training for Enforcement
  • Data Quality Initiatives
  • Maintenance of Roadside Screening Systems
  • CDL Program Administrative Support and Outreach
  • Advancing Universal ID Through Demonstration of Enabling Technologies
  • Kentucky CDL Adjudication Project
  • Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Evasion Study
  • Reducing Vehicle Licensing and Titling Fraud
  • Research into Job Classifications for the Department of Vehicle Regulation

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