KTC’s Special Projects & Initiatives research group brings together researchers all KTC program areas to address complex transportation problems — from environmental sustainability and workforce development to UAV usage and hazardous materials and supply chain security. Their multidisciplinary focus offers a diverse set of skills to clients and stakeholders who may have differing needs and various priorities. During collaborations with other KTC program areas on experimental or non-conventional projects, SPI researchers often oversee the details to ensure timely delivery. Because of their expertise in developing and delivering a variety of transportation projects, the group is increasing efforts to fine-tune the art of project management and recommend the best practices for delivering safe, efficient, timely projects.

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Featured Project: Highway Knowledge Portal

In recent years, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) has experienced an increase in retirements and the decline of employment rates. These changing workforce dynamics present the Cabinet with a challenge: to capture and retain institutional knowledge. Much of KYTC’s policies and technical guidance are distributed among 32 policy manuals. Many of them require updating, and searching through the large volume of information can be time consuming. New and early-career employees would benefit from having an easily accessible source of technical guidance to help them understand their job function or to direct them when completing specific tasks. The Highway Knowledge portal is an effort between KTC and KYTC that will provide a single reference for highway engineering guidance. This tool will be presented as a collection of articles in an online format, resulting in better distribution and management of technical information. Although every KTC program area will lend expertise to the project, two program areas are heavily involved in developing articles: Policy, Finance, and Economics and Project Development.

Digital Project Delivery (In Progress)

DPD offers data users more efficient and intuitive information exchange throughout an asset’s lifecycle. Project teams and DPD staff identify opportunities to better meet objectives by relying more on digital information. This improved process allows the objectives to be documented and included in project-specific implementation plans.

Special Projects & Initiatives Faculty & Staff

Rachel Catchings

Program Manager/Research Engineer



Robin Baskette

Research Engineer/Technical Writer



Pam Clay-Young

Research Associate, Attorney



David Moses

Research Engineer

(859) 619-8149


Jon Wilcoxson

Research Engineer


Jill Asher

Research Engineer


Keith Caudill

Research Engineer