A Computerized Analysis of Flexible Pavement Rutting Behavior UKTRP-83-6

Alcohol Impact Evaluation (Interim report) UKTRP-83-22

Analysis of Lost Times at Signalized Intersections UKTRP-83-3

Child Safety Seat Usage in Kentucky after Enactment of a Mandatory Usage Law UKTRP-83-18

Concrete Barrier Geometrics UKTRP-83-26

Crushed Rock Bases UKTRP-83-15

Design of Oil Shale Disposal Embankment UKTRP-83-8

Development of a Portable Retroreflectometer UKTRP-83-9

Development of a Thickness Design System for Portland Cement Concrete Pavements UKTRP-83-5

Development of Pavement Thickness Designs Using Pozzolanic Base Materials UKTRP-83-25

Engineering Properties of Two Spent Shales and Minus .25 inch Raw Shale for the Means Project UKTRP-83-7

Evaluation of Asphaltic Pavements for Overlay Design UKTRP-83-24

Geotechnical, Hydrologic, and Hydraulic Investigation of Mill Creek Dam-Phase II UKTRP-83-14

Highway Skid Resistance UKTRP-83-17

Identification of Shales UKTRP-83-16

Improved Structural Monitoring with Acoustic Emission Patter Recognition UKTRP-83-10

Low-Strength Materials for Highway Construction UKTRP-83-20

Mechanical and Engineering Properties of a Cherry Paleozoic Material UKTRP-83-2

Performance Evaluation of Experimental Paint-Stripe Beads UKTRP-83-27

Problem Identification for Highway Safety Plan UKTRP-83-19

Sandstone as a Construction Material KY 80, Hazard to Watergap UKTRP-83-1

Structural and Installation Criteria for Rigid and Flexible Conduit UKTRP-83-21

Survey of Guardrail End Treatment Usage UKTRP-83-23

Traffic Accident Rates in Kentucky (1981) UKTRP-83-11

Traffic Safety Analysis, University of Kentucky Area UKTRP-83-4

User’s Manual for Dynamic Programming for Highway Safety Improvement Program UKTRP-83-12

Water Under Pavements UKTRP-83-13