The marketing team serves all program areas by publishing high-quality work that showcases KTC’s capabilities to its clients and partners. Within KTC, they provide staff with logo development, graphic design, video production, photography, and report review and distribution, as well as posters, brochures, booklets and other needed materials. The team frequently offers publication services to the Cabinet, recently assisting them with promoting their strategic plan. Due to their collective expertise, the team is utilized more in project work and proposals where the deliverable needs to shine. Each year the marketing team submits finished products to the Kentucky Association of Government Communicators (KAGC) awards, and has earned first and second place in various publication categories.

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Featured Project: The Big Book of Research

A compilation of one-page summaries of all SPR projects that help practitioners make informed decisions about whether they will benefit from taking a closer look at the full report and how they might use research findings to improve their everyday practices.

Featured Project: Highway Knowledge Portal

An online reference for the Cabinets engineering guidance. The marketing team is responsible for designing page layout, managing content, and creating new logos and design standards for page content. Click here to view the website. 

Featured Project: T2’s Safety Circuit Rider Video

One of KTC’s most valuable services to its clients, the Safety Circuit Rider program teaches counties across the state to look for low-cost safety improvements on their roads. The writing, video footage, and production of this short informational video took place entirely in-house.

Marketing, Media & Technical Review Faculty & Staff

Michael Mabe

Creative Director


Robin Baskette

Research Engineer/Technical Writer


Samantha Klinger

Graphic Designer

Paul Ross

Senior Research Scientist


Chris VanDyke

Lead Research Scientist