Procard purchasing

1. A routed Jotform is required before the purchase is made.

2. Select the appropriate PI for approval

3. The justification field must be filled out with an explanation of the research purpose/benefit to the grant.

4. Please verify who the cardholder is. Bastani is the cardholder for all Travel/registration-related purchases.

purchasing CHECKLIST

  • Are there sufficient funds in the grant to make the purchase? (direct current expenses, consultants, capital equipment, etc.)
  • Complete a Jotform including justification
  • Software purchases now require preapproval – click here
  • Check with business office to ensure vendor is approved

out of state/overnight travel steps

1. Prior to travel, complete a preapproval with an estimate of travel expenses in Concur including a justification and account number (if using more than one account number add that information to the notes section and allocate expenses accordingly).

2. If purchasing airfare, complete a Jotform prior to purchasing. Use Bastani’s card for all travel/registration purchases.

3. After travel, when submitting for reimbursement utilize the Concur preapproval to complete expense report. Attach receipts including hotel, Uber/Lyft/Taxi, public transit, airfare, baggage, etc.. Attach an agenda if travel was to a conference or related meeting.

4. Andrew’s Video on Travel Reimbursement