Project Manager’s Boot camp

KTC helped create Project Manager’s Boot Camp training to give KYTC’s Project Managers (PMs) the strategies needed to deliver projects on schedule and within budget. This 8-day training challenges PMs to take ownership of the whole project and describes the expectations for KYTC’s PMs, gives an overview of the project development process, and teaches project management competencies. Since the first course, 170 professionals have attended PM Boot Camp. The training has been so successful that KTC now conducts a 2-day version – Boot Camp Xpress – to consultants throughout the state, a requirement for Consultant PMs working with the Cabinet. Approximately 340 consultants have attended Xpress.

Project Manager’s Boot Camp fall 2023

Fall Project Manager’s Boot Camp Training for Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Project Managers!

Modules supply critical information on environmental clearance, the right of way process, traffic operations, geotechnical investigations, and the bidding process, among other topics. The Panel Discussion on project management lessons learned is a highlight of the in-person training days. Both courses are offered annually and the curriculum is developed with assistance from Special Projects and Initiatives and Policy, Finance, and Economics. The 2023 Boot Camp training was the fifth offering and the first hybrid version of training, with the in-person learning days taking place at the Berry Hill Mansion in Frankfort, KY.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Project Manager Panel Discussion is a valuable part of PM Bootcamp training. KTC would like to thank all panel participants and moderators, as well as KTC’s Jeff Jasper and Bryan Gibson! A big thank you to James Ballinger, Tim Layson, Jason Siwula, Emily Deason, Stacee Hans, Glen Kelly, Joey Mosley, Greg Groves, Wendy Southworth, Gary Sharpe, and Chris Slone.

Project Manager’s Boot camp BOOK 2023