• Types of Hires
    • Permanent Full-Time — Requires advertised position posted online by UK
    • Temporary Positions — Can be direct hire after application is completed
    • Temporary/Part-Time Through UK STEPS — Must be advertised
    • Hourly Students — Can be direct hire after application is completed
    • Graduate Students (RA) — KTC works with the home department (PI needs to provide a grant number for stipend; for KYTC projects tuition must be covered by academic department or others)
  • All hires begin with Program Manager
  • Director’s Office must approve permanent and temporary hires and salary offers
  • Consider technology needs and office space

Hiring Process for Fulltime Employees

Hiring Process- Temporary and Students

  • Discuss hire with Program Manager
  • KTC Business Office provides link to application
  • Salary must be approved by Director’s Office
  • Student minimums are governed by the student salary scale
  • Start employee at beginning of pay period