“Is My Project on Schedule?” Critical Path

Critical Path Method for Project Development

From initial conception to letting, highway design projects typically span several years. Over that period, subject-matter experts from multidisciplinary backgrounds participate in project development, but a detailed schedule is not usually provided by consultants involved with the project. Coordinating stakeholder activities poses challenges for even experienced project managers. KYTC and the Kentucky Transportation Center have developed critical path method (CPM) schedules for KYTC Project Managers. Process flowcharts and Gantt chart templates are meant to assist pre-construction project managers with organizing, sequencing, and scheduling project development activities. These tools will improve KYTC’s management of the limited resources needed to deliver the project in a timely and responsive manner. KTC’s CPM training on the critical path method and its intended uses will give KYTC Project Managers the knowledge and tools needed to apply CPMs to their projects.  More information plus files for Critical Path are available below.

Critical Path Project Templates

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