If you have a new laptop and you’ll be using it in the field, there are a few things you’ll want to test or check before you take it out.

Check for and install updates

Laptops aren’t often left on to run updates like a desktop machine. Windows 10 likes to update itself when you’re not using it and it often requires a reboot to install those updates. Be proactive and install updates before you need the machine immediately to keep your machine secure and to prevent an update from delaying your next presentation.

Make sure your login works

We use a system called Active Directory (AD) to manage user logins. AD requires you to be connected to the internet to validate your password. Your laptop can cache (store) your password locally for offline use, but you have to log in while connected to the internet before it will do that. If you are using a machine for the first time or if you’ve recently changed your password, make sure your login works before you take a machine off campus.

Cisco VPN to connect to campus

There are a couple reasons to need to access the campus network.

  • You might want to remote in to a machine on campus.
  • You might want to connect to a file server on campus.
  • Every 6 months our license for Office needs to connect to campus to validate you’re still a current employee.

The settings for Cisco VPN are baked right in, so all you need to do is make sure you have the most updated client. If you already have Cisco VPN downloaded, it should update itself. If you need to download Cisco VPN, you can find it by searching for “Cisco VPN” on the UK Download Page.

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