New PC Request

Please use this form to provide IT with the comprehensive information we need to order and configure a new machine for you.

Please note: If you need to order more than once machine, you'll need to fill out one form per machine, not one form per order.

Primary User Information

Please provide information about the primary user of this machine for registration and inventory purposes.

(If for off campus/home use, please select where the primary user's office is located.)

Hardware Information

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What accessories would you like to order with this new hardware?

Configuration Information

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AD lets you log in with LinkBlue and is more secure. AD is the default setup.


IT will install the following:

- Printer drivers for your specified printer
- Office 2016
- Chrome & Firefox
- Dropbox Application
- 7-Zip
- VLC Media player
- Adobe Creative Cloud Installer
(note: due to Adobe's new license agreement, you will have to install Acrobat and their other products through the Creative Cloud installer. I can help you with this step if you need.)

Additional software is available to be installed during configuration.

Please select the software you need installed.

*Note: Some software requires licenses which must be purchased. This will be noted with an asterisk*.

Anything Else?

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