Here’s how printer setup works

  1. IT will need to Register You As A User on any printer you don’t already have access to. Send the following to KTC IT:
    1. Your LinkBlue ID
    2. The last 4 digits of your UK ID.
  2. Drivers will need to be installed on your computer. Please call or email KCT IT to schedule a time to do this. You must be an admin to install a printer.
  3. Once you have your printer installed & you’re registered to be able to use the printer, you have to add your Job Code. Do the following to add your Job Code.
    1. Go to Printers & Scanners.

    2. Click on the printer installed in the previous step and choose Manage.
    3. Click Printing Preferences (DO NOT CLICK PRINTER PROPERTIES)

    4. On the Detailed Settings tab, select Job Setup and enter the Last Four Digits of your UK ID as the User Code.

    5. Click OK.