Jerry PigmanPE

Program Manager

Jerry G. Pigman has been with KTC for the past 35 years, and serves as manager of the Traffic and Safety Program. As a research engineer, he is involved in transportation safety, roadway delineation, transportation planning, traffic control and operations, traffic forecasting, and safety evaluations. Mr. Pigman has been principal investigator for numerous safety evaluations, including rural roads specific to Kentucky, interstates, parkways, and coal-haul roads. He was principal investigator for the development of Kentucky’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan and is responsible for the preparation of Kentucky’s Highway Safety Improvement Program annual report. He is a member of the Governor’s Executive Safety Committee on Highway Safety and has served on committees and made presentations at national meetings of the Institute of Transportation Engineers and the Transportation Research Board. Mr. Pigman has authored or co-authored 225 research reports, 45 of which are peer reviewed publications. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Kentucky and holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Kentucky.