Kean H. Ashurst Jr, PE

Associate Program Manager

(859) 257-7319

Kean Ashurst has been with the Kentucky Transportation Center for 16 years. His areas of interest and specialization are forensic analysis of flexible and rigid pavements, pavement design, culvert and storm drain inspection techniques, construction, installation, materials, open channel hydraulics, and hydrology. In addition to his research experience, he also has 5 years of highway and commercial/residential design experience which includes pavement design, hydraulic analysis of bridges, culverts, storm sewers, detention basins, open channels, catch basins, erosion control measures, storm water BMPs, and sanitary sewer design. Mr. Ashurst participates in the TRB annual meeting each year.  Mr. Ashurst is also involved with AASHTO NTPEP where he is the current chair of the Thermoplastic Pipe Technical Committee and a member of the Corrugated Metal Pipe Technical Committee and the Spray Applied Pipe Liner Technical Committee. Mr. Ashurst is also active with NCHRP where he was a panel member for NCHRP project 14-26 Culvert and Storm Drain Inspection Manual and NCHRP 18-20 Structural Design Methodology for Cured in Place Liners in Gravity Stormwater Conveyance Conduits.