2023 Hall of Fame Inductees

Bobby  Craft

Bobby Craft has lived his entire life in the areas in and around Harrison County. Although he did not have the opportunity to leave and chase his dream of aviation, he realized his aviation passion in his own community — at the Cynthiana-Harrison County Airport, where he currently serves as the Airport Board Chairman. Bobby has an infectious personality, a strong work ethic, and unsurpassed dedication to community involvement. After purchasing a partnership in a Cessna 172, he became a fixture at the airport and fully embraced his passion for flying. In 1997, with the facility flooded and mired in financial turmoil, he was named airport manager. Through his leadership, vision, personality, and quiet perseverance, Bobby repaired the airport’s financial and infrastructural ruins to create a vibrant community airport. He has worked with local officials and secured numerous grants to enhance the airport’s safety, spearheading the construction of a terminal building and hangars outside of the floodplain and completing obstruction removal projects to provide safer operations to the flying public. When the airport and city of Cynthiana flooded, he stepped up to help pilots and community members reach safety. 

Beyond his leadership as the Airport Board Chairman, Bobby works tirelessly to educate the next generation of pilots and mechanics and open up alternative career paths to young people. For years, Bobby and his wife Jeana have organized an annual Young Eagles event where kids from around the Cynthiana area have the chance to take their first flight. Harrison County is a leader in supporting Young Eagles and now has one of the best chapters in the Experimental Aircraft Association. The magic and inspiration of these events have inspired several kids to pursue aviation careers of their own. Similar events have been held for older community members, with some receiving their last flight at them. The airport’s flying club has also trained countless new pilots. Bobby and Jeana are perfect examples of unsung heroes who quietly but diligently provide aviation access to smaller communities. This access is crucial for building the future of aviation and critical to many lives in the community.