Nick Stamatiadis, PhD, PE

CE Professor

Dr. Nicholas Stamatiadis is a Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Kentucky, where he teaches several transportation courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level. He has established a strong traffic and transportation teaching and research program at UK, and he has developed and taught workshops on the Highway Safety Manual, traffic signals, and traffic networks. His research interests include traffic safety, highway design, measures of congestion mitigation, and non-motorized transportation. Dr. Stamatiadis has been extensively involved in roadway design, context-sensitive design and solutions, and safety-related projects and he is considered a national expert in this area. Several of his research projects dealt with the relationship of geometric features and flexible design as well as with aspects of highway design. He holds a Diploma on Surveying Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece; and Masters and Doctoral degrees from Michigan State University, where he obtained a PhD in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in traffic safety and the older driver.