Patsy Anderson

Patsy Anderson has been an ambassador and advocate for promoting training, continuous improvement, and safety for the workers and motorist across the Commonwealth. She has made contributions to the transportation community nationally as well as in the Commonwealth. Ms. Anderson was the heart and soul of the training efforts at the KTC Test Site.

Ms. Anderson started her career at the Center in 1980 and has built the program from the ground up. She has had the dedication and perseverance needed to guide the Technology Transfer Program (T2) from its infancy to a position of national prominence. In 1984, the program was designated a national Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP). She started the Roads Scholar training program in 1988 and to date, there have been 2,104 graduates. The Road Master training program began in 1998 and 1,501 individuals have completed that program.

Under Ms. Anderson’s leadership, Kentucky’s T2 Program has been a national leader and a model for other states to emulate. In 2007, she was awarded the National Achievement Award from the National Local Technical Assistance Program Association (NLTAPA) for her outstanding leadership, service to the industry, and profound impact upon the national LTAP program.

Ms. Anderson was instrumental in the implementation of the Safety Circuit Rider program in Kentucky. The program is designed to provide safety-related information, training and support to agencies responsible for local roadway safety. Kentucky’s program gained national recognition for excellence and other states have used the program as a model to establish or improve their own program.

After 31 years of service, Ms. Anderson retired from the KTC Test Site in 2011. She is now able to spend more time with her son, Matt and his wife Valerie, and her granddaughter Arabel.