Current Projects

“Design and Construction Coordination to Facilitate GPS Machine Control,” KYSRP 10-395

“Asphalt Pavement Durability,” KYSPR 12-435

“Guidelines for Geotextile and Geogrid Use,” KYSPR 12-437

“Safety Edge Performance,” KYSPR 12-439

“AASHTO MEPDG Calibration Continuation,” KYSPR 13-461

“Concrete Pavement Repair Manual,” KYSPR 13-462

“Bridge Deck Rapid Inspection Using Multi-GPR Antennas,” KYSPR 13-463

“Coring and Evaluation of Bridge Decks,” KYSPR 13-464

“Culvert Slip Lining Guidance,” KYSPR 13-466

“KY Aggregate Performance – Polish and Skid Resistance,” KYSPR 13-467

“Cost/Benefit SMA Surface,” KYSPR 14-468

“Pavement Performance Modeling,” KYSPR 14-469

“Asphalt Over Concrete Crack Suppression,” KYSPR 14-470

“Pavement Crack Sealing Cost-Effectiveness,” KYSPR 14-471

“Longer Lasting Bridge Deck Overlays,” KYSPR 14-472

“Geosynthetically Confined Soil and Integrated End Bent,” KYSPR 14-473

“Insoluble Residue Testing of Cement,” KYSPR 14-474

“Mobile LiDAR Integration with Other Data Sources,” KYSPR 14-475

“RAP in Asphalt Pavements,” KYSPR 14-476

“Update KTDID Software,” KYSPR 14-477

Utilization of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) – Learn more



Completed Projects

“Evaluation of Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls for Bridge Ends in Kentucky; What Next?” Charlie Sun, and Clark Graves, KTC-13-11/SPR443-12-1F, 2013

“Utilization of Mobile LiDAR to Verify Bridge Clearance Heights on the Western Kentucky Parkway,” Brad W. Rister, Levi McIntosh, and Joe Whelan, KTC-13-09/FRT199-13-1F, 2013

“Railroad Subgrade Support and Performance Indicators,” Michael T. McHenry, and Jerry G. Rose, KTC-12-02/FR136-04-6F, 2012

Additional reports can be found on the Research Reports page.