Safety Concepts for Workers from an OSHA Perspective

There is an inherent risk of injury or fatality in all occupations. Even secretarial occupations face jobsite hazards such as carpal tunnel and back injury. The nature of the construction industry combined with the required physical demand and rigorous work processes, make it an industry with higher risk of injury or fatality. In an effort to decrease that inbuilt jobsite risk that construction workers face, this study will analyze the current best safety practices, examine new safety technologies, and collaborate with construction workers themselves to gain a better perspective of what jobsite hazards they face.

Specifically, this study will focus on highway construction worker safety. Most all statistical data gathered will be from Kentucky construction workers, although the study is not limited by this. Studies of this nature have been completed previously, but most studies neglect to consider maintenance highway workers who encounter many of the same hazards as construction workers, and some would argue that they encounter even more hazards than construction workers.

After analyzing all of the surveys conducted, the statistical analyses performed, and the literature reviewed, the research team has derived recommendations for KYTC and contractors to implement in an effort to reduce workplace accidents and fatalities for construction and maintenance workers.

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