Vickie S. Bourne

Vickie S. Bourne has dedicated her professional career to improving and enhancing transportation in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Ms. Bourne has spent over 40 years in the Transportation Cabinet and Department of Highways. In 1986, Ms. Bourne became the Section Supervisor of the Public Transit Section in the Division of Mass Transportation.  Through technology, she streamlined the entire grant-making process, reducing both the costs and the time required for processing the grants and managing the funds. Ms. Bourne has made sure that all parts of the Commonwealth have access to public or specialized transportation. Under her guidance, public transit now provides over 29 million passenger trips annually in both rural and urban areas. These trips provide Kentucky’s citizens with access to jobs, shopping, education and medical services.

Ms. Bourne worked with the Department of Medicaid Services and key legislators in coordinating and linking human services and Medicaid transportation needs with the Transportation Cabinet’s resources. She was appointed by then Governor Paul Patton,
to serve on the initial Empower Kentucky Committee that worked on the details of a coordinated human services transportation system.

In 2001, Ms. Bourne was appointed as Executive Director for the Office of Transportation Delivery. The coordination, safety, and cost-savings associated with the Human Service Transportation Delivery Program have made that program a model for other states, and the program has received national recognition.

Under Ms. Bourne’s leadership, Kentucky Public Transit has accomplished an almost impossible feat: nine years in a row with zero deficiencies found during three Federal Transit Administration intense, on-site reviews covering 27 different areas. She was voted one of the first three inductees into the Kentucky Public Transit Hall of Fame in 1999.

Ms. Bourne lives in Owen County where she and her family are active in the community. She has been married to her husband, Mark, for 40 years. These days, her favorite title is “Nana.”