Xu Zhang

Research Scientist Principal Associate

Xu Zhang is a research scientist with the Traffic & Safety program at the Kentucky Transportation Center. Dr. Zhang completed his Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering at the University of Kentucky in 2017. Dr. Zhang’s research is focused on applying data science and machine learning principles to solve transportation engineering problems. His recent research projects aim to derive congestion and reliability metrics from large-scale probe vehicle data, evaluate statewide highway network criticality using graph theory, as well as estimate traffic volume using advanced machine learning models. His contributions in the field of transportation engineering have been recognized with three best paper awards from the TRB Highway Traffic Monitoring Committee and Freeway Operations Committee in last three years. In addition to his research work, Dr. Zhang is an active member of the TRB Highway Traffic Monitoring Standing Committee and serves as the research coordinator of the Travel Time, Speed, and Reliability Subcommittee.