KTC Advisory Board

The Kentucky Transportation Center Advisory Board was established by the Kentucky General Assembly in 1984. The Board’s purpose is to assist with policy formation and to provide direction to the Center. The Board consists of nine members appointed by the Governor with the following representatives: the Secretary of the Transportation Cabinet, the State Highway Engineer, the Dean of the College of Engineering, one member each from a list submitted by the Kentucky Association of Counties, the Kentucky County Judge/Executives Association and the Kentucky League of Cities, and three members at large. The Secretary of Transportation serves as chair and the Board meets semi-annually, at a minimum. Board meetings primarily concern policy matters relating to the Center’s technical assistance, research programs and financial plans.  Current Board members are:

  • Greg Thomas,         Secretary, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Chairperson

  • Andy Barber,           State Highway Engineer, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

  • Rudy Buchheit,       Dean, College of Engineering, University of Kentucky

  • Orbrey Gritton,      Anderson County Judge/Executive, Kentucky Association of Counties

  • Billy Phelps,              Mayor of Morgantown, KY, Kentucky League of Cities

  • Gary W. Moore,      Boone County Judge/Executive, Kentucky County Judge/Executive Association

  • Joseph McClung,    Bluegrass Telephone Company, At-Large Member

  • Chris Cusik,               Bray Trucking, At-Large Member

  • Kellie Baker,              Kentucky Aviation Association Director and Conference Chair, At-Large Member

The Advisory Board meets twice each year, typically in the spring and fall.  For information regarding the meeting agenda or for minutes of prior meetings, please contact Andrew Myers at myers.andrew@uky.edu or at 859-218-0337.