Archived Research Reports 1984

A Field and Laboratory Compaction Study of a Mixture of Retorted and Raw Oil Shale from the Means Project in Montgomery County UKTRP-84-2

A Review and Analysis of Pile Design UKTRP-84-33

An Evaluation of Elastizell Concrete as a Lightweight Fill Material UKTRP-84-8

An Evaluation of Pavement Drainage Interstate 64, Rowan-Carter Counties UKTRP-84-18

Analysis of Accidents Involving Breakaway Cable Terminal End Treatments UKTRP-84-16

Analysis of Accidents Involving Crash Cushions UKTRP-84-17

Analysis of Loads and Settlements for Reinforced Concrete Culverts UKTRP 84-22

Comparison of Contained Rock Asphalt Mat (CRAM) with Conventional Asphaltic Concrete Pavements UKTRP-85-4

Corrosion of Cable Suspension Bridges UKTRP-84-14

Effectiveness of Traffic Noise Barrier on I 471 in Campbell County, Kentucky (Interim Report) UKTRP-84-20

Estimation of Equivalent Axleloads, Computer Program Documentation UKTRP-84-30

Evaluation of Durable Crosswalk and Stopbar Marking Materials UKTRP-84-32

Evaluation of Durable Lane Delineation Materials UKTRP-84-31

Evaluation of Full-Depth Asphaltic Concrete Pavements UKTRP-84-21

Impact Evaluation of Traffic Alcohol Programs, Selected Locations in Kentucky UKTRP-84-25

Inspection, Prevention, and Remedy of Suspension Bridge Cable Corrosion Problems UKTRP-84-15

Introduction to Cable Suspension Bridges UKTRP 84-13

Jackson Purchase Parkway Pavement Study UKTRP-84-28

Nondestructive Evaluation of Rigid Pavements Using Road Rater Deflections UKTRP-84-26

Pavement Management in Kentucky UKTRP84-34

Pavement Thickness Designs Utilizing Low-Strength (Pozzolanic) Base and Subbase Materials UKTRp-84-23

Periodic Nondestructive Evaluation of In-Service Metal Bridges UKTRP-84-4

Relationship Between Kentucky CBR and Slake Durability UKTRP-84-24

Rutting, a Case Study (US 23, 1.5 miles north of Louisa) UKTRP-84-1

Safety Belt and Child Safety Seat Usage Rates in Kentucky and Evaluation of a Public Information Campaign UKTRP-84-27

Specially Constructed Bridges, Activities for Fiscal Year 1983 UKTRP-84-7

Structural Evaluation of Asphaltic Pavements UKTRP-84-9

Survey of Effectiveness of Transportation Services UKTRP-84-19

Thickness Design Curves for Portland Cement Concrete Pavements UKTRP-84-3

Thickness Design Procedure for Portland Cement Concrete Pavements UKTRP-84-6

Traffic Accident Rates in Kentucky (1982) UKTRP-84-5

Vanpool Demonstration Project  (University of Kentucky) UKTRP 84-10

Variable Serviceability Concept for Pavement Design Confirmed by AASHO Road Test Fatigue Data UKTRP-84-12

Variations of Fatigue Due to Unevenly Loaded Axles within Tridem Groups UKTRP-84-11

Water-Induced Surface Failures on I 65, Hardin County, Kentucky UKTRP-84-29