Archived Research Reports 1962

A Modified Class I Surface Mixture

AASHO Interim Guide for the Design of Rigid Pavement Structures

An Evaluation of Four Retarding Admixtures in Structural Concrete

Base Stabilization Bryantsville-Beuna Vista Road Garrard County

Construction Report on Experimental use of Natural, Bituminous, Quartz Sandstone (Kentucky Rock Asphalt) as a Traffic-Bound Aggregate

Cutback Asphalt Emulsion Primer, Type L, Nelson County, Project RS Group 38

Dynamics of Sprung Loads on Pavements

Evaluation of Calcium-Chloride Maintained, Traffic-Bound Roads

Experimental Paving Projects using Curtiss-Wright’s Coal-Modified, Coal-Tar Binder

Investigation of Aggregate Occurrence in Logan County, Kentucky

Laboratory Test Results on Natural Sand Produced by the Kapco Construction Company in Logan County

Memo on Structural Repair of Concrete Pavement Barren County Project U 543(3)

Pavement Roughness Studies (A Progress Report)

Pavement Roughness Studies

Pavement Slipperiness Studies (A Progress Report)

Processed Kentucky Rock Asphalt Submitted for Consideration by Mr. Holman R. Wilson

Progress Report Class I, Type B, Plant-Mix Initial Treatment, Pac-9

Seal Coat Application to Clark Memorial Bridge

Second Annual Performance Survey of Reinforced Concrete Pipe Culverts

Soil Profile Data

Special Provisions for Non-Leafing Aluminum, Basic Lead Silico-Chromate Oil-Alkyd Finish-Coat Paint for Guard Rails and Bridges

The Application of Nuclear techniques to the Measurement of Moisture and Density of Highway Construction Materials 2

The Application of Nuclear Techniques to the Measurement of Moisture and Density of Highway Construction Materials

The Kentucky Department of Highway’s Scholarship Program