Archived Research Reports 1972

Bridges- Synthesis of Load Historis and Analysis of Fatigue KYP-69-11 Report No. 318

A Pavement Design Schema Report No. 349

A Rheological Study of Cohesive Soils KYHPR-65-38 Report No. 337

Accident and Economic Analyses of Access Control on Several Bypasses KYP-72-34 Report No. 341

Accidents on Rural Interstate and Parkway Roads and Their Relation to Pavement Friction KYHPR-64-24 Report No. 339

An Operational Analysis of the I 64, I 65, I 71 Route Junction in Louisville KYP-72-36 Report No. 326

Application of Gravity and Intervening Opportunities Models to Recreational Travel in Kentucky Report No. 336

Characteristics of Outdoor Recreational Travel Report No. 350

Chronological Listing of Research Reports Report No. 320

Comparative Evaluation of RAYGO 404 Vibratory Roller KYP-72-41 Report No. 328

Construction of Full-Depth Asphaltic Concrete Pavements KYHPR-70-49 Report No. 340

Degradation of Limestone Aggregate during Construction KYHPR-63-29 Report No. 324

Elements of Median Design in Relation to Accident Occurrence Report No. 348

Energy Absorption Devices

Expansive Limestone Aggregate in a Concrete Pavement, I 65 Warren-Simpson Counties KYP-56  Report No. 325

Experimental Overlay of Glazon over Two Bridge Decks

High-Intensity Reflective Materials for Signs KYP-72-31 Report No. 330

Mercury-Filled Settlement Gage KYHPR-64-17 Report No. 351

Noise Abatement, A Review of Literature Report No. 322

Operational Characteristics of Lane Drops KYHPR-70-63 Report No. 332

Proposed Remedies, Unstable Embankment at Mile Post 188 and Channel Erosion at Mile Post 190-191, I 64, Boyd County

Rheological Response of Asphalts KYHPR-64-20 Report No. 333

Rural Recreational Travel in Kentucky KYP-30 Report No. 342

Skid Resistance of Pavements KYHPR-64-24

Skid Resistance of Pavements Report No. 347

Skid-Test Trailer, Description, Evaluation and Adaptation KYHPR-64-24 Report No. 338

Spraygrip Anti-skid Treatments, Kentucky Turnpike KYP-56 Report No. 345

Stress Histories of Bridge Members from Scratch Gage Records Report No. 323

Subject Listing of Research  Reports Report No. 321

Tar Concrete Pavement Construction and Performance Report No. 346

The Safety Barrier Dilemma Report No. 352

Traffic Controls for Maintenance on High Speed Highways Report No. 327 KYHPR-70-61

Unstable Embankment, US 119 Harlan-Pineville Road Stations 1260 to 1265 Report No. 334