Archived Research Reports 1973

A Survey of Reflective Sheeting for Highway Signs KYP-72-31 Report No. 364

Accidents on Rural Interstate and Parkway Roads and Their Relation to Pavement Friction KYHPR 64-24 Report No. 377

Annals of the Research Division Report No. 353 KYP-64-1

Auto-Utility Trailer Combinations on Rural Highways in Kentucky Report No. 381

Before-and-After Analysis of Safety Improvements on I 75 in Northern Kentucky KYP-56 Report No. 344

Characteristics and Models of Outdoor Recreational Travel Report No. 369

Engineering Geognosy of the Western Coal Field Report No. 367

Establishment and Maintenance of Roadside Plantings and Turf KYHPR-65-33 Report No. 360

Evaluation of the High-Accident Location Spot-Improvement Program in Kentucky KYP-72-40 Report No. 357

Evaluation of the Traffic Noise Prediction Procedure KYP 72-24 Report No. 379

Experimental Installations of Impact-Attenuating Devices KYHPR-70-64 Report No. 359

Fatigue Analysis of Central Bridge Deduced from Strain Gage Data and Probability Analysis Report No. 361

High-Intensity Reflective Materials for Signs KYP-72-31 Report No. 368

In Situ Shear Strength Parameters by Dutch Cone Penetration Tests KYP-72-38 Report No. 374

Kentucky CBR’s and the Soil Support Value Report No. 355

MEMO Design Guide for Bituminous Concrete Pavement Structures KYP-56 Report No. 376

Models of Outdoor Recreational Travel Report No. 354

Pavement Roughness, Measurement and Evaluation Report No. 371

Remedial Stability Analysis of Unstable Eastern Approach Embankment, Bluegrass Parkway Bridges over Chaplin River Report No. 370

Settlement of Highway Bridge Approaches and Embankment Foundations No. 356

Slope Stability Analysis A Computerized Solution of Bishop’s Simplified Method of Slices KYP-72-38 Report No. 358

Stability Analysis of Slide at Milepost 152.7, I 64, Carter County KYP-72-38 Report No. 372

Stability of a Side-Hill Embankment KYP-72-38 Report No. 363

STOLVAC, A Traffic Data System KYP 72-37 Report No. 373

Tartan Surfacing for an Equestrian Overpass KYP-69-21 Report No. 366

The Creep Response of Cohesive Soils, A Method of Design Using Rheological Strength Parameters Report No. 382 KYHPR 65-38

Traffic Accident Reporting in Kentucky KYP-72-46 Report No. 378

Traffic Control for Maintenance on High-Speed Highways Report No. 380

Vehicle Noise Survey in Kentucky KYP-72-24 Report No. 375

Vibratory Roller Evaluation KYP-72-41 Report No. 362