Archived Research Reports 1975

A Comparison of Layered Theory Design Approaches to Observed Asphalt Airfield Pavement Performance Report No. 424

A Guide to Preparing Research Reports and Technical Talks KYP 76-50 Report No. 434

Accidents Associated with Highway Bridges KYP 72-40 Report No. 427

At-Grade Intersections versus Grade-Separated Interchanges (An Economic Analysis of Several Bypasses) Report No. 422

Coding Urban Traffic Accident Locations Report No. 426

Data Acquisition Management for Rock Evaluation KYP-64-13 Report No. 416

Deflection Behavior of Asphaltic Concrete Pavements Report No. 415

Effect of Pavement Texture on Traffic Noise KYP-72-24 Report No. 417

Effects of Water on Slope Stability KYHPR 68-48 ReportNo. 435

Engineering Data System for Bedrock Occurrences and Properties KYP 64-13 Report No. 420

Evaluation of Paint-Stripe Beads KYP-73-48 Report No. 439

Evaluation of Raised Pavement Markers KYP 83-48 Report No. 425

First-Year Effects of the Energy Crisis on Traffic in Kentucky (Rural Highways) KYP 72-32 Report No. 428

First-Year Effects of the Energy Crisis on Traffic in Kentucky (Rural Highways) Report No. 430

Identification of Hazardous Locations on City Streets Report No. 436

Loads on Box Culverts under High Embankments Positive Projection, without Imperfect Trench KYHPR 72-68 Report No. 431

Pedestrian Accidents in Kentucky Report No. 438

Pedestrian Accidents in Kentucky, 1972-73 KYP 72-40 Report No. 423

Temperature Distributions in Asphaltic Concrete Pavements Report No. 421

The Effectiveness of School Signs with Flashing Beacons in Reducing Vehicle Speeds KYP 72-40 Report NO. 429

Transverse, Pavement Markings for Speed Control and Accident Reduction KYP-72-40 Report No. 433

Vehicle Noise Survey in Kentucky Report No. 419