Archived Research Reports 1976

A High-Accident Spot-Improvement Program Report No. 440

A Possible Explanation of Concrete Pop-Outs Report No. 460

A Soils Data System for Kentucky Report No. 441

A Survey of Use of Left-Turn-on-Red KYP 75-70 Report No. 446

Accidents on Rural, Two-Lane Roads and their Relation to Pavement Friction KYHPR-64-24 Report No. 443

Accidents on Rural, Two-Lane Roads and their Relation to Pavement Friction Report No. 458

Acoustic Emission, Fatigue, and Crack Propagation Report No. 457

Characteristics of Traffic Streams on Rural, Multilane Highways KYP 72-32 Report NO. 444

Constant-Rate-of-Strain and Controlled-Gradient Consolidation Testing KYHPR-75-74 Report No. 448

Development of Warrants for Left-Turn Phasing KYP-75-70 Report No. 456

Effect of Pavement Texture on Traffic Noise Report No. 452

Evaluation of Thermoplastic Pavement-Striping Materials KYP-73-48 Report No. 449

Freeze-and-Thaw of Concretes and Aggregates Report No. 454

Guardrail Performance, An Analysis of Accident Records, REPORT No. 442

Highway Accidents at Bridges Report No. 451

Kentucky Research A Flexible Pavement Design and Management System Report NO. 455

Modification of Kentucky’s Adequacy-Rating techniques KYP 75-76 Report No. 459

Pedestrian Accidents in Kentucky Report No. 453

Raised-Aggregate, Lane-Delineation Stripe (East Main Street Widening, US 60, Franklin County) KYP-73-48 Report NO. 462

Speed Reduction in School Zones Report No. 450

Statewide Survey of Skid Resistances of Pavements Report No. 461

The Socioeconomic Impact of the Mountain Parkway and KY 15 Report No. 447 KYP-73-42