Archived Research Reports 1977

AASHO Road Test Tandem Axleload Data Adapted to Fundamental Concepts KYP-77-56 Report No. 473

Acoustic Emission Testing of High-Strength Steel Weldments KYP-72-33 Report No. 469

An Investigation of Low Cylinder-Strengths (District 6) KYP 76-78 Report No. 477

Analysis of tandem Axleloads by Elastic Theory Report No. 483

Computer Storage of Traffic Volume Data KYP74 64 Report No. 479

Computerized Analysis of Stress-Strain Consolidation Data KYHPR-75-74 Report No. 468

Constant-Rate-of-Strain and Controlled-Gradient Consolidation Testing Report No. 478

Cracking in Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements KYP-71-28 Report No. 480

Effectiveness of Green-Extension Systems at High-Speed Intersections KYP-75-69 Report No. 472

Evaluation of Urban Intersections Using Traffic Conflict Measures KYP-76-81 Report No. 476

Flexible Pavement Designs to Support Various Vehicle Configurations Report No. 485

Identification of Hazardous Locations on City Streets Report No. 466

Kentucky’s Pavement Management System Report No. 481

Some Uncertainties of Slope Stability Analyses Report No. 470

Statewide Survey of Skid Resistances of Pavements (1976) Report No. 474

Stiffness of Solid-Liquid Mixtures, Theoretical Considerations KYHPR-64-20 Report No. 464

Surface Dynamics Profilometer and Quarter-Car Simulator, Description Evaluation and Adaptation KYHPR-64-25 Report No. 465

Traffic Accidents, Day vs. Night KYP-75-73 Report No. 471

Traffic Conflicts as a Diagnostic Tool in Highway Safety Report No. 482

Traffic Conflicts, Erratic Maneuvers, and New-Miss Accidents, State-of-the-Art KYP76-81 Report No. 484

Transportation Research Reports Issued by the Division of Research Report No. 463

Voidless and Internally Sealed Concretes KYP-72-39 Report No. 467