Archived Research Reports 1978

A Rational Thickness Design System for Asphaltic Concrete Overlays Report No. 507

Acoustic Emission and Fatigue Characteristics of Typical Bridge Steels Report No. 497

Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Weldments Report No. 515

Analysis of Time-Dependent Consolidation Data Report No. 488

Analysis of Time-Independent Consolidation Data Report No. 492

Analysis of Weekday, Weekend, and Holiday Accident Frequencies KYP75-73 Report No. 513

Characteristics of Bicycle-Related, Motor Vehicle accidents in Kentucky KYP 76-80 Report No. 498

Characteristics of Kentucky Drivers Report No. 489

Design System for Asphaltic Concrete Overlays KYHPR 75-77 Report No. 511

Determination of Rutting in Asphaltic Concrete Pavements, Field Instrumentation and Laboratory Characterizations KYHPR-72-72 Report No. 502

Development of a Traffic Conflict Procedure for Kentucky KYP -76-81 Report No. 490

Development of Procedures for Preparation of the Interstate Safety Improvement Program KYP-77-84 Report No. 495

Evaluation of Paint Stripe Beads KYP-73-48 Report No. 504

Green-Extension Systems at High-Speed Intersections Report No. 496

Green-Extension Systems at High-Speed Intersections Report No. 503

Heating Bridge Decks by Electrical Resistance Report No. 494

Heating the 9th Street Interchange, Construction and Initial Operation KYHPR-75-65 Report No. 486

Loads on Box Culverts under High Embankments, Analysis and Design Considerations KYHPR 72-68 Report No. 491

Low-Void Concrete Mixtures Report No. 514

Pavement Evaluation Using Dynamic Deflections Report No. 509

Priority Programming for Highway Reconstruction Report No. 508

Seasonal Variations in the Skid Resistance of Pavements in Kentucky KYHPR-64-24 Report No. 499

Seatbelt Usage in Kentucky KYP 75-71 Report No. 487

Seatbelt Usage in Kentucky Report No. 510

Simulation of External-Internal and Through Trips for Small Urban Areas KYP 75-72 Report No. 493

Simulation of Travel Patterns for Small Urban Areas Report No. 506

Statewide Survey of Skid Resistances of Pavements Report No. 512

Warrants for Left-Turn Signal Phasing Report No. 505