Archived Research Reports 1985

A Computerized Analysis of Flexible Pavement Rutting Behavior (PAVRUT)

A Survey of the States on Problems Related to Bridge Approaches UKTRP-85-25

Analysis of Movements and Forces on Bridge Approaches, A Case Study (Bridge over Chesapeake Ave. on I-471 in Campbell County, KY) UKTRP-85-10

Comparison of Contained Rock Asphalt Mat (CRAM) with Conventional Asphaltic Concrete Pavements, UKTRP-85-4

Demonstration and Preliminary Evaluation of the Acoustic Emission Weld Monitor UKTRP-85-23

Development of Accident Reduction Factors UKTRP-85-6

Effectiveness of Traffic Noise Barrier on I 471 in Campbell County, Kentucky UKTRP-85-15

Effects of Load Distributions and Axle and Tire Configurations on Pavement Fatigue UKTRP-85-13

Estimation of Equivalent Axleloads UKTRP-85-30

Evaluation of Construction Zone Pavement Marking Materials UKTRP-85-24

Evaluation of Stone Column Stabilized Embankment Foundation UKTRP-85-27

Evaluation of Truck Escape Ramps UKTRP-85-3

Feasibility of Computerization of the Bid Item Section of Bid Proposals UKTRP-85-14

Fly Ash Stabilized Bases in Kentucky UKTRP-85-7

Guidelines for the Use of Protected Permissive Left-Turn Phasing UKTRP-85-19

Impact Evaluation of the Traffic Alcohol Program in Lexington, KY UKTRP-25-26

Jefferson Freeway Investigation (Westbound Lanes) UKTRP-85-29

Laboratory Evaluations of Stabilized Flue Gas Desulfurization Sludge (Scrubber Sludge) and Aggregate Mixtures UKTRP-85-1

Latex-Concrete Overlays on Bridge Decks UKTRP-85-22

Long-Term Movements of Highway Bridge Approach Embankments and Pavements UKTRP-85-12

Problem Identification for Highway Safety Plan UKTRP-85-18

Safety Belt and Child Safety Seat Usage Rates in Kentucky and Evaluation of a Public Information Campaign UKTRP-85-21

Sampling Techniques for the Collection of Vehicle Classification Data UKTRP-85-17

Suggested Changes to Kentucky Statutes (Vehicle Weights and Dimensions) UKTRP-85-28

Summary Report of Ranking Methodologies UKTRP-85-16

The Feasibility of Draglines for Mine Reclamation UKTRP-85-32

Traffic Accident Rates in Kentucky (1983) UKTRP-85-2

Traffic Trends and Their Relationship to Highway-Use Revenues UKTRP-85-20

Truck Design and Usage Related to Highway Pavement Performance UKTRP-85-8

Unstable Subgrade, I 65, Hardin County UKTRP-85-9