Archived Research Reports 1982

Accident Rates by Vehicle Type UKTRP-82-12

Aggregate Shape and Skid Resistance UKTRP-82-1

Allocation of Transportation Costs to Users UKTRP-81-22

Analysis of Saturation Flow at Signalized Intersections UKTRP-82-8

Child Restraint Usage in Kentucky UKTRP-82-15

Correlation of Road Rater and Benkelman Beam Deflections UKTRP-82-2

Deflection and Evaluation of Flexible Pavements for Design of Overlays UKTRP-82-17

Effects of Construction Variations Upon Dynamic Moduli of Asphaltic Concrete

Engineering Properties of Kentucky Oil Shales UKTRP-82-20

Engineering Properties of Overburden Materials for the Means Project UKTRP-82-24

Evaluation of Snowplowable Markers UKTRP-82-7

Highway Sizing UKTRP-82-13

Implementation of Road Rater Deflection Testing for Pavement Evaluation and Overlay Design UKTRP-82-3

Mechanical & Engineering Properties of a Cherty Paleozoic Material UKTRP-82-16

Mechanical Properties of Kentucky Oil Shales as Related to Mine Design Application

Pavement Roughness In Kentucky UKTRP-82-9

Pavement Testing, Before and After an Overlay UKTRP-82-4

Problem Identification for Highway Safety Plan UKTRP-82-5

Review of Pertinent Contract Documents Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway UKTRP-82-22

Snow-Melting System, 9th Street and I 64, Louisville UKTRP-82-14

Strain Energy Analysis of Pavement Designs for Heavy Trucks UKTRP-82-23

Summary of Vehicle Classification Data UKTRP-82-10

Traffic Accident Rates in Kentucky (1980) UKTRP-82-11

Triaxial Compression and Permeability Tests on Dense Graded Aggregate UKTRP-82-6

Warrants for Left-Turn Lanes UKTRP-82-19