Archived Research Reports 1986

A Generalized Slope Stability Computer Program, User’s Guide for HOPK-I UKTRP-86-2

Delineation of Horizontal Curves UKTRP-86-4

Design of Highway Embankment on Unstable Natural Slopes UKTRP-86-22

Distributions of Strain Components and Work Within Flexible Pavement Structures UKTRP-86-21

Documentation for 1986 Weight-Distance Tax Analyses Using Lotus 1-2-3 UKTRP-86-12

Economic Analyses of Millings UKTRP-86-18

Effects of Load Distributions and Axle and Tire Configurations on Pavement Fatigue UKTRP 86-6

Evaluation of a Full-Depth Asphaltic Concrete Pavement UKTRP-86-5

Evaluation of Durable Crosswalk and Stopbar Marking Materials UKTRP-86-13

Evaluation of Durable Lane Delineation Materials UKTRP-86-15

Evaluation of I-75 Lane Closures UKTRP-86-19

Evaluation of Snowplowable Marker Installations UKTRP-86-16

Impact Evaluation of the Lexington-Fayette County Traffic Alcohol Program (1982-1986) UKTRP-86-28

Investigation of Collapse of Long-Span Structure Under KY 80 in Floyd County UKTRP-86-27

Lime Stabilization of Pavement Subgrade Soils of Section AA-19 of the Alexandria-Ashland Highway UKTRP-86-24

Manual on BridgeCulver Maintenance UKTRP-86-23 PART 2

Manual on BridgeCulver Maintenance UKTRP-86-23

Nondestructive Evaluation of Rigid Pavements Using Road Rater Deflections UKTRP-86-7

Performance Monitoring of a Highway Tieback Wall UKTRP-86-17

Rutting and Longitudinal Cracking and Temperature Cracking A Case Study (US 23, Greenup County, MP 6.0 to 28.8) UKTRP-86-25

Safety Belt and Child Safety Seat Usage Rates in Kentucky UKTRP-86-20

Shrinkage Compensation Deck Concrete (KY 1974 Bridge over Tates Creek Road) UKTRP-86-26

Stability of Embankments on Clay Foundations UKRTP-86-8

Status Report for Selected Projects Containing Experimental Features UKTRP-86-29

Thickness Design Curves for Asphaltic Concrete on a 4-inch Layer of Dense-Graded Aggregate

Traffic Accident Rates in Kentucky (1984) UKTRP-86-1

Treatment of Narrow Medians on Four-Lane Rural Roadways UKTRP-86-11

Use of Nondestructive Testing to Prevent Failures of In-Service Metal Bridges UKTRP-86-9

Use of Post Delineators on Interstates UKTRP-86-10

Workshop on Roadway and Street Drainage UKTRP-86-3