Archived Research Reports 1987

A Chronicle of the Kentucky Transportation Research Program UKTRP-87-21

Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Bascule Bridge Components UKTRP-87-7

Acoustic Emission Monitoring of In-Service Bridges UKTRP-87-22

Allocation of Resurfacing Monies to Highway Districts in Kentucky UKTRP-87-13

Analysis of Accident Data in Kentucky (1982-1986) UKTRP-87-23

Automated Data Acquisition for Low-Volume Road Inventory and Management UKTRP-87-2

Breaking and Seating of Rigid Pavements UKTRP-87-26

Bridge Decks and Overlays UKTRP-87-1

Civil Engineering Applications of Acoustic Emission UKTRP-87-4

Construction and Performance Evaluation of a Geocomposite Pavement Edge Drain Including Comparison with a 4-inch Pipe Drain UKTRP-87-17

Design and Performance of Highway Shoulders UKTRP-87-8

Evaluation and Application of Roadway Marking Materials UKTRP-87-10

Evaluation of 1985 AASHTO Flexible Pavement Design Equations and Nomographs UKTRP-87-3

Evaluation of a Polymer Asphalt Additive—KRATON UKTRP-87-35

Evaluation of Asphalt Additive, Chemkrete UKTRP-87-30

Evaluation of Construction-Zone Pavement Marking Materials UKTRP-87-11

Evaluation of Drainage on Nicholasville Bypass UKTRP-87-9

Evaluation of Epoxy Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Material UKTRP-87-20

Evaluation of Unmanned Radar Installations UKTRP-87-34

Evaluation of Wick Drain Stabilization of Approach Fill Foundation (Bullitt County) UKTRP-87-24

Implementation of a Pavement Management Program in Lexington-Fayette County, Kentucky UKTRP-87-18

Laboratory Analysis of Failed Asphaltic Concrete Surface, US 23, Lawrence County UKTRP-87-31

Modifications to Chevron N-Layer Computer Program UKTRP-87-28

Native Aggregates for Skid Resistance UKTRP-87-33

Pavement Designs Based on Work UKTRP-87-29

Performance Evaluation of Breakaway-Cable-Terminal End Treatments UKTRP-87-14

Performance Survey of Silicone-Sealed Concrete Pavement Joints UKTRP-87-19

Reliability Assessment of High-Risk Steel Bridges by Nondestructive Test Methods UKTRP-87-27

Road Base Construction Utilizing Coal Waste Materials UKTRP-87-15

Summary of Experimental Bridge Features UKTRP-87-5

Traffic Control and Accidents at Rural, High-Speed Intersections UKTRP-87-6

Traffic Forecasting for Pavement Design UKTRP-87-16

Traffic Volume Estimates and Growth Trends UKTRP-87-32

User’s Guide for Pavement Condition Surveys UKTRP-87-12