Archived Research Reports 1988

Allocation of Highway Costs and Revenues UKTRP-88-8

Analysis of Accident Data in Kentucky (1983-1987)

Analysis of Accidents in Construction and Maintenance Work Zones UKTRP-88-13

Asphalt Surface Treatments for Local Roads and Streets KTC-88-4

Calcium Nitrite as a Corrosion Inhibitor in Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks KTC-88-2

Comparison of Rigid Pavement Thickness Design Systems UKTRP-88-14

Earthquake Hazard Mitigation of Transportation Facilities UKTRP-88-2

Earthquake Priority Routes for Mclean County, Kentucky UKTRP-88-X

Evaluation of Ads Polyethylene Pipe UKTRP-88-3

Evaluation of Extruded Thermoplastics as Lane Delineation UKTRP-88-10

Evaluation of Hydraway Edge Drain on Pennyrile Parkway UKTRP-88-16 (Was UKTRP-88-15)

Evaluation of Lime Stabilized Road Bed UKTRP-88-9

Evaluation of Procedures for Testing Aggregates UKTRP-88-11

Evaluation of Stability and Rutting Potential of Asphaltic Concrete Using Big-Stone Gradations UKTRP-88-4

Excessive Beam Deflections on the KY-52 Bridge Over Dix River (Boyle-Garrard County Line) UKTRP-88-7

Fatigue Analysis of the I-75 Bridge over the Kentucky River at Clays Ferry KTC-88-5

Highway Safety Research, Development, and Technology Transfer KTC-88-1

Impact Evaluation of the Louisville-Shively-Jefferson County Traffic Alcohol Programs KTC-88-3

Laboratory Evaluation of Edge Drains UKTRP-88-12

Long-Term Evaluation of the Acoustic Emission Weld Monitor UKTRP-88-6

Review of Work Zone Literature UKTRP-88-5

Shear Strengths of Compacted Shales UKTRP-88-1

Soil-Bridge Abutment Interaction UKTRP-88-15

Usage Rates and Effectiveness of Safety Belts and Child Safety Seats in Kentucky KTC-88-6