Archived Research Reports 1993

Accident Rates at Intersections KCT-93-11

An Analytical Investigation of AASHTO Load Equivalencies KTC-93-1

Analysis of Alcohol and Speed Related Traffic Accidents in Fayette County KCT-93-22

Analysis of Traffic Accidents Data in Kentucky (1988-1992) KCT-93-23

Computer Program for Analysis of Embankments with Tensile Elements KTC-93-29

Construction and Interim Performance of a Pyrament Cement Concrete Bridge Deck KCT-93-17

Construction and Performance of Highway Soil Subgrades Modified with Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustion Residue and Multicone Kiln Dust KTC-93-4

Construction Report FHWA Special Project 202, Break and Seat of Jointed Reinforced Concrete Pavement KCT-93-19

Development of Guidelines and Performance for Asphalt Concrete Containing Recycled Rubber KTC-93-31

Development of Guidelines and Performance for Asphalt Pavements Containing Rubber – Review of State-of-the-Practice KTC-93-2

Enhancements to Procedure for Estimating ESALs KTC-93-7

Evaluation of CLSM (Flowable Fill) for Trench Backfill KTC-93-5

Evaluation of Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting KTC-93-8

Evaluation of Electronic Truck Monitoring KTC-93-35

Evaluation of Lime Stabilized Subgrade (AA-19) KCT-93-25

Evaluation of the Lexington-Fayette County Safety Belt Ordinance KCT-93-20

Field Performance Evaluation of Precast Concrete Box Culverts, Aluminum Culverts, and Galvanized Metal Arches and Pipe Arches KTC-93-9

Field Performance Report on Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe on KY 17 Kenton County KCT-93-27

Impacts of the Extended-Weight Coal Haul Road System (Interim Report) KCT-93-28

Installation and Performance of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Joint Sealers KTC-93-6

Long-Term Performance of Flexible Pavements Located on Cement-Treated Soils KTC-93-34

Performance of Experimental Highway Base and Subbase Layers Containing By-Product Materials from a Coal-Fired Power Plant KY Route 3074, Bleich Road KCT-93-16

Performance of the Crash Cushion Attenuating Terminal (CAT) in Traffic Accidents KTC-93-32

Safety Belt Usage Survey and Evaluation of Effectiveness KCT-93-21

Seismic Analysis of the Brent-Spence Bridge KCT-93-15

Selection of Design Strengths of Untreated Soil Subgrades and Subgrades Treated with Cement and Hydrated Lime KTC-93-33

Stress Evaluation of Welded Steel Bridges on Coal-Haul Routes KCT-93-14

Summary of Results of 1992 Field and Laboratory Evaluations of Pavement Marking Materials Volume II. Laboratory Evaluations

Survey of the Impacts of Environmental Regulations on State Highway Operations KCT-93-26

The Removal of Lead-Based Paint from Steel Bridges KTC-93-3

Traffic Accident Investigation KCT-93-10

Utilization and Cost Effectiveness of Retread Tires KCT-93-12

Utilization of Fossil-Fuel Related By-Product Materials for Highway Construction in Kentucky KCT-93-18

Visual Observations of Parking and Driving Areas and Drainage Conditions on Colverfield Lane Fort Wright Trace, Fort Wright, KY KTC-93-30

Weigh Station Bypassing KCT-93-13