Archived Research Reports 1994

Alleviation of Fuel Tax Evasion in Kentucky (Interim Report) KTC-94-4

Allocation of Highway Costs and Revenues KTC-94-2

Analysis of Motor Vehicle-Deer Accidents in Kentucky KTC-94-22

Analysis of Traffic Accident Data in Kentucky (1989-1993) KTC-94-23

Barge Impact Loads for the Maysville Bridge KTC-94-6

Barge Traffic on Kentucky Rivers KTC-94-15

Breakaway Timber Utility Pole Installations in Kentucky KTC-94-1

By-Product and Discarded Material Utilization in Highway Construction and Maintenance, A Literature Review KTC-94-3

Construction and Interim Performance of a Shrinkage Compensating (Class S) Bridge Deck Concrete KTC-94-7

Cost Estimating and Forecasting for Highway Work in Kentucky KTC-94-9

Development of Guidelines and Performance for Asphalt Concrete Containing Recycled Rubber KTC-94-27

Evaluation of Advanced Surveying Technology for Accident Investigation KTC-94-18

Evaluation of Change Interval Treatments for Traffic Signals at High-Speed Intersections KTC-94-26

Evaluation of Edge Drains Headwalls and Outlets on Western Kentucky Parkway and Pennyrile Parkway KTC-94-21

Evaluation of Kentucky’s Policy on Tourist Information Signs KTC-94-12

Evaluation of Pavement Edge Drains and the Effect on Pavement Performance KTC-94-20

Examination of Concrete Cores from Lowe’s Store in Bowling Green, KY KTC-94-25

Follow-Up Inspection of Premature Cracking on the National Turnpike, Jefferson County KTC-94-8

Forecasting and Backcasting Equivalent Single Axleloads (Volume2- Appendix C) KTC-94-14

Modification of Highway Soil Subgrades KTC-94-11

Proposal for Development of a Resource and Commodity Highway System KTC-94-5

Safety Belt Usage Survey and Evaluation of Effectiveness in Kentucky KTC-94-19

Stress Measurements on the I 65 Bridge over the Ohio River at Louisville KTC-94-16

Summary of Results of 1993 Field and Laboratory Evaluations of Pavement Marking Materials KTC-94-17

Summary of Stress Evaluations of Welded Steel Bridges on Coal-Haul Routes KTC-94-10

Use of Flowable Fill (CLSM) for Trench Backfill KTC-94-24