Archived Research Reports 1995

A Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Program for Kentucky Pavements KTC-95-13

A User’s Guide for By Product and Discarded Material Utilization in Highway Construction and Maintenance KTC-95-1

Analysis of Traffic Accident Data in Kentucky (1990-1994) KTC 95-19

Ballast Size for Safe Working Conditions in Railroad Yards and Terminals in Kentucky KTC 95-17

Best Practices for Commercial Vehicle Monitoring Facilities Design

Cost Estimating and Forecasting for Highway Work in Kentucky KTC-95-12

Development of a Safety Management System KTC-95-5

Development of an Alternate Methodology for Identifying HeavyCoal Trucks and Calculating ESAL’sAxle and AxlesTruck KTC-95-6

Equivalent Single Axleload Computer Program Enhancements KTC-95-7

Field Performance Report on PVC Pipe Campbell County KTC-95-2

Guidelines for the Installation of Left-Turn Phasing KTC 95-23

Impacts of the Extended-Weight Coal Haul Road System KTC 95-25

Pavement Distresses at Intersections KTC 95-18

Performance of Pyrament Cement Concrete in a Highway Bridge Deck KTC-95-9

Performance of Shrinkage Compensating Bridge Deck Concrete (Class S) I-75, Kenton County KTC-95-8

Personal Computer (PC) Program for Analysis of Embankments with Tensile Elements KTC-95-24

Preliminary Evaluation, Artimis Reference Point Signs KTC-95-11

Roadway Related Tort Liability and Risk Management

Safety Belt Usage Survey and Evaluation of Effectiveness in Kentucky KTC-95-20

Toward Determining MinimalOptimal Transportation Department Resource Requirements, An Examination of State Privatization Trends among selected States KTC-95-15

Use of Class AA Concrete Modified with a High-Range Water Reducing Admixture in a Full-Depth Bridge Deck Slab US 127, Lincoln County KTC 95-21