Archived Research Reports 1996

A Proposed Method of Calibration and Correlation of Weigh-in-Motion Systems KTC 96-8

Analysis of Traffic Accident Data in Kentucky (1991-1995) KTC 96-22

Applicability of Angle Parking for a Major City Street KTC 96-31

Cost Estimating and Forecasting for Highway Work in Kentucky KTC 96-14

Development of a Critical Path Method Specification and a Training Program for use of CPM and KyTC KTC 96-15

Development of Accident Reduction Factors KTC 96-13

Environmentally Safe Protective Coatings for Steel Structures-New Construction and Maintenance Painting KTC 96-7

Evaluation of a Regional Traffic Safety Improvement Program KTC 96-27

Evaluation of Edge Drains on I-81, in Roanoke Virginia KTC 96-12

Evaluation of Edge Drains on Interstate 64 Fayette, Scott, and Woodford Counties KTC 96-17

Evaluation of Edge Drains on Pennyrile Parkway Webster County KTC 96-11

Evaluation of Incident Management Techniques (Lexington, Kentucky) KTC 96-26

Evaluation of Portable Retroflectometers KTC 96-19

Evaluation of Red Light Running Campaign KTC 96-29

Evaluation of SHRP Work Zone Safety Devices KTC 96-30

Evaluation of Superior Performing Portland Cement Concrete Pavements in Kentucky KTC 96-10

Highway Cost Allocation Update Overview and Summary KTC 96-2

Highway Cost Allocation Update, Technical Report KTC 96-1

KTC 96-3

KTC 96-5

KTC 96-6

Rockfall Mitigation Measures KTC 96-9

Rubberized Asphalt Membrane KTC 96-23

Safety Belt Usage Survey and Evaluation of Effectiveness in Kentucky KTC 96-20

Source Zones, Recurrence Rates, and Time Histories for Earthquakes Affecting Kentucky KTC 96-4

Summary of Results of 1995 Field and Laboratory Evaluations of Pavement Marking Materials KTC 96-18

Survey of High School Driver Safety Programs KTC 96-28

The Motor Fuel tax Evasion Issue in Kentucky KTC 96-16

Traffic Flow and Safety Evaluation of Fayette County Schools KTC 96-21

Use of Audible Pedestrian Signals KTC 96-25

Visual Inspection of New Ramp Pavement at Bluegrass Airport Lexington, Kentucky KTC 96-24