Archived Research Reports 1997

Analysis of Traffic Accident Data in Kentucky (1992-1996) KTC-97-18

Annual Assessment of Customer Needs and Satisfaction KTC-97-23

Annual Assessment of Customer Needs and Satisfaction, Mail Survey Report KTC-97-24

Cost Estimating and Forecasting for Highway Work in Kentucky KTC-97-13

Development of a Critical Path Method Specification and a Training Program for use of CPM for KYTC KTC-97-22

Dynamic Site Periods for the Jackson Purchase Region of Western Kentucky KTC 97-1

Evaluation of Pavement Edge Drains and Headwalls on I-264 (Watterson Expressway) Jefferson County KTC-97-16

Evaluation of Road Weather Information System, Interim Report KTC-97-26

Evaluation of Speed Limits in Kentucky KTC 97-6

Evaluation of the ET2000 Guardrail End Treatment KTC-97-25

Evaluation of Wall Structures in Kentucky KTC-97-10 PART TWO

Legislation Review and Recommendations to Reduce Evasion of Kentucky Road Fund Revenues KTC-97-14

Performance and Cost Effectiveness of Pavement Edge Drains KTC 97-5

Performance Evaluation of Recycled PCC Pavement Used as a Crushed Stone Base and Dense Grade Aggregate KTC 97-3

Report on County Road Program Finance (Fiscal Year 1995-96)

Roadway Related Tort Liability and Risk Management 4th Edition

Safety Belt Usage Survey and Evaluation of Effectiveness in Kentucky KTC-97-17

Stabilization of an Airport Subgrade using Hydrated Lime and Fly Ash KTC-97-20

Stabilization of Subgrade Soil Using Hydrated Lime Product KTC-97-19

Subsurface Drainage of Highway Pavements KTC-97-8

Summary of Results of 1995 Field Evaluations of Long Life Pavement Marking Materials KTC-97-15

Traffic Flow and Safety Evaluation of Fayette County Schools Part II KTC 97-4

Visual Inspection of Keystone Block Wall and Embankment Slide at Mist Lake Plaza in Lexington, Kentucky KTC-97-11

Analysis and Design of Bridge Susceptible to Barge Impact KTC 97-2