Archived Research Reports 1998

A Methodology for Evaluating Large Truck Access to Intermodal and Other Facilities KTC-98-14 

A Report on County Road Program Finance KTC-98-8

Analysis of Traffic Accident Data in Kentucky (1993-1997) KTC-98-16

Analysis of Vehicle Classification Data, Including Monthly and Seasonal ADT Factors, Hourly Distribution Factors, and Lane Distribution Factors KTC-98-21

Cost Estimating and Forecasting for Highway Work in Kentucky KTC-98-18

Embankment Construction Using Shale KTC-98-2

Evaluation of 93-inch Corrugated Metal Culvert on KY 693 and US 23, Green-Up County KTC-98-22

Evaluation of Condition-Responsive Work Zone Traffic Controls at the I-75 Clays Ferry Bridge KTC-98-10

Evaluation of Corrugated Steel Pipe Culverts on KY 61, Cumberland County KTC-98-7

Evaluation of Kentucky’s Driver License Point System KTC-98-11

Evaluation of Reference Markers KTC-98-23

Experimental Analysis and Analytical Modeling of Bridges With and Without Diaphragms KTC-98-12

Field Performance Report on 1219 MM HDPE (48-inch) on US 127 Owen County KTC-98-13

Freight Movement and Intermodal Access in Kentucky KTC-98-26

Highway Cost Allocation Update, Technical Report KTC-98-3

Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategic Plan (Phase I Report) KTC-98-9

Investigation and Analysis of Heavy Truck Accidents KTC-98-5

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Annual Assessment of Customer Needs and Satisfaction KTC-98-19

Probabilistic Life Cycle Cost Analysis FHWA Demonstration Project DP 115

Registration Violations and the Use of Optical Character Recognition Technology at Kentucky Weigh Stations KTC-98-17

Safety Belt Usage Survey and Evaluation of Effectiveness in Kentucky KTC-98-15

Seismic Evaluation of the Ohio River Bridge on US51 at Wickliffe, KY KTC-98-20

Seismic Isolation of a Highly Skewed, Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridge KTC-98-1

Survey and Visual Inspection of Keystone Block Wall and Embankment Slide at Mist Lake Plaza in Lexington, Kentucky KTC-98-6

Truck Route Access Evaluation KTC-98-27

Truck Route Access Evaluation KTC-98-28

Truck Route Access Evaluation KTC-98-29

Truck Route Access Evaluation KTC-98-30

Truck Route Access Evaluation KTC-98-31

Truck Route Access Evaluation KTC-98-32

Truck Route Access Evaluation KTC-98-33

Truck Route Access Evaluation KTC-98-34

Truck Route Access Evaluation KTC-98-35

Truck Route Access Evaluation KTC-98-36

Truck Route Access Evaluation KTC-98-37

Truck Route Access Evaluation, Paradise Power Plant, Muhlenberg County KTC-98-25

Use of Hydrated Lime Byproduct for Stabilization of Subgrade Soils KTC-98-4