Transportation Research Board Awards NCHRP Project:

Spot Painting to Extend Highway Bridge Coating Life


Lexington – The Transportation Research Board (TRB), through the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP), has awarded a research project (NCHRP 14-30) to the KTC Test Site (KTC) for a Bridge Preservation Program project, “Spot Painting to Extend Highway Bridge Coating Life.”

 KTC’s Principal Investigator/Program Manager Ted Hopwood, P.E., and Co-Principal Investigator Sudhir Palle, P.E., alongside their team will conduct laboratory and field coating tests to identify viable repair coatings and demonstrate the best practices for spot painting bridges in the field. They will provide guidance documents to state highway agencies to enable them to select repair coatings for their specific needs and train their maintenance crews on how to correctly employ spot painting procedures.

 “The research is intended to provide state highway agencies with guidance on the proper use of spot painting to extend the service lives of bridge painting projects,” says Hopwood. “We will eventually publish several reports documenting our findings and interact with highway agency personnel at seminars and meetings to present our findings and promote the use of spot painting as a cost-saving method for them to adopt.”

 The project award is for $350,000 and the contract time is 30 months.




For more information contact: Ted Hopwood; (859) 257-2501, or

Amy I. Terry, Communications and Marketing Specialist, (859) 257-7466,